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Lamoille River Delta blind


Ill post a few more pictures after our next time out, but Dan and I think we have a pretty good spot for both ducks and geese!

We took out the blind on the first Saturday in September, propping the frame on top of two kayaks, and wading out from the Sandbar to look for a spot. The entire marshy bay seemed to have been built up with blinds, (posts marking future blinds as well), and after hours of pushing, and a few futile attempts at paddling into a strong wind, we rounded the corner, in view of one of the two outlets for the Lamoille river. Exhausted, we settled for a spot on a small beach, a safe distance from an Osprey nesting site.

The next time out, Friday the tenth after work, Dan and Ryan headed out again, this time from the Vermont Fish and Game Lamoille River Access, kayaking for around a half hour to our site. The outing was a race against time to get out with some sand bags, and a sickle, to finish anchoring and dressing up the blind. With about ten minutes left to actually hunt, we started seeing some movements of geese, and Dan was able to call some in as time was running out, winging one bird after waiting for the flight to clear the right of our stand, where I was crouching, unloaded, glad that Dan wasn’t going to fire directly over my head.

After time ran out, the sun now down, we marvelled at the number of both ducks and geese moving around from all directions! Hopeful for a good season, we paddled back without our headlamps on in the dusk, spotting our cars at around 8:15, and making it back to Ryan’s house around 8:45.

More pictures to follow