– Vermont Outings

Let’s toss out some dates.   Brady, you said that you could make it up in October.  I have proposed a weekend involving

  1. hunting in the morning
  2. re-taping and mudding our bedroom during the day,  possibly painting if we can sneak it in
  3. Hunting in the evening
  4. Drinking in the p.m.

I think the only weekend that doesn’t work for me is the third weekend in October.  Any other would be fine.  Eldred, I expect you for the hunting, but I don’t want to take advantage of your mad home-building skills, so feel free to duck out on the taping and mudding if you wish.  I wouldn’t want to librarian on a weekend, after librarianing all week.

Steve, do you think you can make it up some time later in the season?


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