Birds of a Feather


As the days turn crisp and the night breeze begins to gain a chill, our friends the waterfowl start anew their migratory journeys.  And so we, like our avian friends, must answer the call to assemble in the lakes and ponds of the Northeast.  There we and the birds will meet and rendezvous.

There will be kayaks, coffee, quacking, and cold, cold, water.    There will also be gunshots.  Some will go home dead.  Some of us will eat the carcasses of the other.  Some will leave frustrated.  Some will leave to fly a bit heavier.

In all, fall approaches, and with it the start of duck and goose season.  We, gentlemen, must be ready and prepared for our rendezvous with the waterfowl.  To that end, I’ve created this blog to facilitate easier communication and also post pictures and videos of our triumphs and defeats.

I missed this guy last year from about this range.

Hopefully, we’ll all be able to get together at least a few times this season.  Let’s start working out dates, since we all have little ones and spouses who will undoubtedly affect our sportsman’s interest.  With blinds at the ready and some pretty good collective experience on which to draw, this season has the potential to be legendary.  LET THE SEASON BEGIN!!!!


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